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Ron Abrahamof

VP HR & Administration

Served 25 years in the IDF as an artillery officer , chief instructor of the Field Artillery School , specialized in intelligence analysis and target specification and characterization serving the Fire Center .



Benny Selinger

HLS & Business Development Manager

Served in the Israeli Security Services for many years in a management positions involved in aviation security and has knowledge and experience in particular areas of Aviation and Civil Security. In recent years gained expertise in Israel and worldwide in regards to critical infrastructure protection , airports & sea ports , safe city, borders protection, law enforcement and additional wide range of HLS projects.


Pini Daniel

VP Strategic Plans and Inovation

Col. (Res.) Served in a variety of positions in IDF intelligence, both field and training.
In recent years, involved in projects, and Defines the operational requirements for the client and for the system characterization.
Highly experienced in performing analysis reference threats and analysis for various applications area of defense, security and control of combat platforms.
Led many experiments, tests and deployment of complex technological systems.


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About the Company

Business Development


Market and requirement analysis

Competitive and competitor analysis

Feasibility studies

Marketing info and data preparation


Cooperation analysis and promotion

Business planning and analysis



ILS, Maintenance and Support


Ground based radar maintenance

Armored vehicle maintenance

Manual and procedure preparation and publishing

Training and Training data preparing and execution

Implementation System support

ILS/PBL domestic and worldwide

Support personnel including relocation

Field testing and evaluation

Leading Team

R&D Department


Privately owned Israeli Defense & Security Consulting Company

Established in 1995 by a group of reserve IDF officers

SBM provides Defense and Security services worldwide

SBM experts accumulated top expertise over the past years and run a wide knowledge base in characterization , definitions , planning and executing complex solution for its’ customers



Planning and Managemnt 


Proposal preparation and promotion

RFP and RFI preparation and response

Technical and operational surveys, preparation of requirement docs. for various customers and applications

Analyze and prepare operational scenarios and concepts for the modern Battlefield

System simulation

System design

System engineering

Prepare test procedures and specs, down to detailed steps and reporting documents



System and Application Engineering


Turn-key engineering


Module development

Integration and Testing


Evaluation and application engineering and planning

Demonstration planning and execution


Company experts proficient in many disciplines with an emphasis on information systems, Command and Control, intelligence, content experts, project management and maintenance.

Senior Consultants

Leading Team

Tal Russo

Strategic Advisor

Gen. (Res.) Former GOC Southern Commander and member of the IDF General Staff played an integral role in the planning and construction of the southern border fence project that has been responsible for preventing further infiltration by illegal migrants and terrorists.

Halutsi Rudoy

Overseas Business Development Manager

Brig. Gen. (Res.)

Former Chief Officer, Armored Corps responsible for the definition of the IDF Armor fighting concept and structure.

Haggai Lotan

Senior Intelligence Advisor

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Served in various key positions in the Intelligence Corps.
As a citizen, engaged in activities related to the characterization of IDF systems, and specialized in the command and control systems and in processing products collection systems.


Dan Eylon

Overseas Partnerships Manager

Mr. Dan Eylon has over 40 years of Engineering Management and Business Development experience and executive positions at ELTA Systems Ltd. Mr. Eylon held a position of ELTA’s USA representative in the mid 90’s, and till recently was responsible for cooperation and business development in India.

Yitzhak Ben Zvi Hershco

QA & Procedures

Col. (Res.) international expert in the field artillery. With extensive experience in planning and implementing experimental radar artillery in Israel and abroad. Responsible of the company Quality Management (ISO). 

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Hanoch Yokev

R&D projects manager , expert in RADARS , established RADAR department in RADA, Chief engineer in Celeno Company , CTO of Pointer Company, extensive experiment with more than 10 registered patents.


Yehuda Meiman

Senior system engineer specialist in RADAR, wave propagation, electronic warfare, Electronic intelligence and targeting.

CTO at Celight

CTO at Telegate

Deputy CTO at Pointer.


Sagi Bahar

DSP engineer, Responsible for signal processing in the R&D projects.

ex-security officials in the antennas work field.


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Shimon Ben Maimon

SBM President & Acting Manager

Founder and owner of the Company. As a retired Op’s Officer of a Corps, Mr. Ben Maimon led the characterization of the Command and Control System of the Digital Army Project for the IDF, and since then has been involved in a large number of projects in this field, modern battle field and many more.

Motti Gat

CTO and R&D Manager

With more than 30 years of experience dealing with complex systems , Mr. Gat reached the top level of system’s engineering in Israel, dealing top priorities projects in Israel. In recent years, Mr. Gat has been involved in dozens of projects (Israel and worldwide) dealing with system analysis and engineering such as Command and Control Systems, border control , HLS & law enforcement projects, integrated observation, radars, robots and armament systems.

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