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SBM’s proficiency is in multidisciplinary systems in which the company is experienced and very active. The company is providing its customerssystem definitions & engineering and application design of such systems. SBM’s system engineering tradition is based on the understanding that comprehensive analysis and solutions are the best value asset for every design. Comprehensive system design is leading to optimized and best value solutions for existing and future requirements, utilizing adequate technology that suit customer capabilities and assets.

Our State of the Art System engineering is providing our customers the entire spectrum of solutions, from concept to implementation and future ILS and operationalization



Activities and Expertise - Highlights

Systematic System and Application Engineering


Analysis – Operational requirement, Baseline requirements, Scenarios, Response and Output analysis, Site analysis, Competitive analysis, Competitors, Pricing, Design reviews

Engineering – System engineering, Application engineering,HMI/MMI, Interfacing including S/W-H/W, Sensors, Communication, Energy and power, Timeline planning             

Planning – Detailed design, Specs and BOM, Configuration, Time and cost, Interfacing

Execution – Program management, Subcontractor management, QA management, Test and evaluation management, FAI management, FAT, Configuration management

Delivery & Introduction – ATP/R, Installation and servicing data, Site integration and start-up support

ILS & Maintenance – Customer implementation support and service

Definition, Engineering & Application

System Development

Program Management

Maintenance & Implementation

Development of an IED detection system which integrated numerous sensors to detect IED threats reliably and with minimal false alarm rate.

The system has been designed to detect a wide range of threats along the route and provide awareness to these threats, while remotely operated by a two man crew.


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IED Detector

As part of SBM’s involvement in System Engineering activities, the Company becomes part of the overall system development process. As such, SBM team, is leading activities, such as: Optimizing system performance, design and development of sensors and/or system modules for ISR, radar, C2I etc.

SBM is specializing in technology analysis, evaluation and testing, leading program IPTs, and last but not least, data packages and procedures




MITRA - Miniature Tactical Radar

Small size miniature and lightweight radar, with minimal power consumption to detect a wide range of target for civilian and military applications. The attached video demonstrates the weapon integrated use to support the warfighter in his combat mission


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SBM specializes in preparation of program documents, such as: RFP and RFI documents, SOW, technical and commercial responses, program planning and technology trade-off analysis.

The company has the engineering and management proficiency to handle multidisciplinary programs, along the various life-cycle phases, including initial, engineering and implementation phases



Automatic Electronic Enforcement

Setting up automated enforcement system of about 1,000 km of roads and intersections of the main arteries in Israel.
Use automated means in stationary positions of about 300 cameras that will mobilized from 1200 positions (speed cameras and 200 - 100 traffic cameras).
Operation and maintenance of the system and establishment of command & control center including sending citizen reports in a very short time and at very little cost.



SBM has become an integral part of various programs along their life cycle. The company has established maintenance and implementation teams (technical and administrative) for a wide variety of military programs, including sub-contractor handling and direct customer support activities.

On a broader scale the company is handling the entire ILS activities and tasks for numerous programs.

All these activities are performed while drawing on the experienced and dedicated technical and operational expert of the company




Radar &  Tanks    Maintenance

Radar maintenance -

providing maintenance services & software improvement
for a wide Variety of radars.


Tank Maintenance –

Maintenances of the most advanced battele tanks in the IDF for the Israeli Defence Ministry.

Teaching, writing and implementing maintenances methods.

An elite team of very experienced and skilled maintenances experts.





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