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System Design

Program Management


Leading Company Team


“ The important thing is to not stop questioning”

Albert Einstein

Shimon Ben Maimon

SBM President & Acting Manager

Ron Abrahamof

VP HR & Administration

Motti Gat

CTO and R&D Manager



Surveillance Assets

Surveillance Assets



Precise Guided  Munition

Precise Guided Munition

ISR Aerostat

ISR Aerostat

HLS & Security Systems

HLS & Security Systems

  ,Defense and Security  Program Management Maintenance and Support

Initiate and support Advanced Interdisciplinary programs, domestic and worldwide, by expert and experienced teams

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ILS & implementation

Pini Daniel

VP Stategic Plans and Inovation

Benny Selinger

HLS & Business Development Manager

Representation & Partnerships

Skytech - USA

Drone surveillance services

Joint partnership Israel - USA


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